Around St. Helena for Dec. 4, 2014 _lowres

Stephanie Warren

I love this time of year. The seasons aren’t changing — it’s still hot outside. Corn harvest hasn’t started quite yet — it’s too early. Yet, I’m excited. I’m happy. Change is in the air.

Days are starting to get shorter and these are accompanied by cooler nights. Leaves have taken on different colors and have started to fall from the trees; there is a change happening all around us, but one of the biggest changes to come at this time of the year is football season. Football season is here.

And for those who love to fish like I do, know what the bass are up to this time of year. This is the time of the season when bass start to head back to shallow water to get ready for the upcoming winter. When the water temperatures start to drop with the cool nights, this will be the trigger for bass to be on the move toward the shallows, and for deepwater bass, what will trigger their movement shallower is the lack of food. The bluegills that were the main food source during the summer months have made the move toward the shallower water with the deepwater bass following not far behind. So, get your pom-poms out and your fishing poles and tackle boxes organized and ready.

Hawk football begins

St. Helena College & Career Academy’s varsity football team will kick off the season in a fall scrimmage at 5 p.m. Thursday at Live Oak High School, 36079 La. 16, Denham Springs.

Help at the library

The Audubon Regional Libraries in Greensburg, Clinton and Jackson have several electronic resources on their website at that will be helpful to students this school year.

Some resources include Encyclopedia Britannica, Louisiana Digital Library, Pronunciator (foreign language program), Tumblebooks, Newsbank (electronic newspapers) and more.

Also on the site are a free driver’s license practice test and handbooks you can download.

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