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Stephanie Warren

As we say goodbye to summer, young athletes begin to train for the fall season.

Team sports are terrific for children. They teach sportsmanship, cooperation and how to have fun on the playing field.

My son has been playing soccer for five years and has been on a travel soccer team for the past two years. Sports can be fun while also being a life lesson.

Your child may be a beginning soccer player or a seasoned high school athlete. Regardless of where he or she falls on the youth sports continuum, here are a couple of things parents should do to keep their youngster safe and happy.

Right equipment : Don’t skimp on equipment. All sports equipment should fit correctly. Have your child try it on before you buy it and ask the salesman to make sure it fits and is properly fastened. Make sure you get the right type of shoe for the sport.

Train sensibly : Your child will soon have to ramp up quickly to ready themselves for competitive matchups and rivalries in all fall athletics. Your child may follow a training regimen designed by a coach, or he may design his own. Either way, he should follow it sensibly.

If the coach has outlined a training schedule, make sure the young athlete adheres to it. Don’t let him overdo — coach knows best.

Make sure your child drinks plenty of water and sports drinks before, during and after training and practices.

St. Helena academy homecoming activities

St. Helena College and Career Academy will have its homecoming parade on Friday beginning at 10 a.m. The parade will begin at the school and pass in front of the Greensburg Market, turn right on La. 38 and end at the school.

The football team will host Cohen High School at the old middle school football field in Greensburg. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. Come out and support the Hawks and show your school spirit.

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