The St. Helena Parish school system held its kickoff meeting for the Parent Academy on Feb. 3 at St. Helena College and Career Academy in Greensburg.

Parent Academy is a community collaborative effort to help parents become full partners in their children’s education. The program will offer parents and guardians the opportunity to participate in free workshops, courses and family educational events, organizers said.

The St. Helena Parish School District has collaborated with Regions Bank and other local organizations to form the Parent Academy.

The events will be held within the school district and at other convenient locations. 

Superintendent Kelli Joseph said it is important to increase family engagement in the school district while empowering parents with the knowledge and skills needed to be triumphant.

When parents become triumphant, it will encourage their children to become successful students, which increases the opportunity for them to be successful adults, she said.

“It is our wish that, as a parent or guardian, you will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities that have been prepared for you,” Joseph said. “With you as a partner, the student’s success is certain.”

To join the Parent Academy, parents must fill out a registration form. You can find the form on the district’s website,, or at the School Board office, 345 Sitman St., Greensburg.

Email the completed registration form to, drop it off at the School Board office or fax it to Miranda Watson at (225) 222-6419.

For information or questions about the Parent Academy, call the School Board office at (225)-222-4349.

To learn about the program, visit the district’s website,