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Stephanie Warren

If you are a plant lover like me, chances are you have them throughout your house. With the hot summer heat sweltering at high noon, you most likely want to ensure they are not thirsting for water.

Make sure you are not giving them too much water. Check your soil regularly. Don’t be afraid to push your finger into the soil and see how moist it is an inch or two down. If the soil is moist and you have some of the conditions above, it’s an excellent sign to reduce your water. Also, many stores sell inexpensive but accurate moisture meters. You simply insert them in the root ball and they will tell you how much water is in the soil. This is a simple and inexpensive tool that will take much of the guesswork out of watering plants.

Keep an eye on your plants and they’ll make it through the hot summer days.

Vacation Bible School set

Venable Chapel A.M.E. Church, 185 Venable Chapel Church Road, Greensburg, will have its Children and Adults Vacation Bible School from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 23-25. The Theme is “Kingdom Kids.” Children will explore events of the Bible relating to the theme and enjoy participating in Bible activities, arts and crafts, outside games, and singing. Free dinner will be served nightly.

Call Myrtis Womack Johnson at (225) 357-4549 or (225) 362-9015. Transportation will be provided.

Happening at the library

Summer activities are happening at Audubon Regional Library’s St. Helena Branch, 53 South Main St., Suite A, Greensburg.

North Helena Fire Chief Rita Allen will bring the firetruck for a demonstration and fire safety at 11 a.m. and  Banana Piano Fun at 1 p.m. June 26.

Sanndack’s Shadow Factory begins at 9:30 a.m. June 30.

Contact Stephanie Warren by phone at (985) 517-4869 or email