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Jasper Knighten

How is your heart? I know that may seem like a strange question, but it is one worth asking. I recently heard this question, and it hit me like a 2,000-pound wrecking ball right down the middle.

When you initially think of the question, it seems to be one from left field. No one ever asks, “How is your heart?”

When someone addresses you individually or vice versa, they typically ask the traditional questions, “How are you?” or “How are you feeling?” I can never recall a time in my life when someone asked me how my heart was.

To be quite frank, in order to successfully navigate life and to be sure of the people we are engaging with on a daily basis, an examination of our hearts and their hearts must be done. The issues of life flow from the heart. Every single second of your life, whether good or bad, has shaped your heartbeat.

So ask yourself, what rhythm is your heartbeat? Have life’s ups and downs poisoned you, or have they made you better? Are you determined to grab life’s opportunities by the horns? Or would you rather fold and bow down to the pressures of life?

The answer to life’s many ups and downs lies in the condition of your heart. Life has many curveballs, valleys, nooks and crannies, tsunamis and hurricanes. Hunkering down and weathering the storms of life is what makes the difference in the condition of one’s heart.

It is so easy to become poisoned by the many pitfalls of life. I can think of several situations in my life that were potentially poisoning. I could have allowed those situations to harden my heart and prevent me from moving on.

One of the primary reasons we fail in life is because we refuse to stand up and choose to forgive and forget. Life will never be a walk in the park. There always will be ups and downs. There always will be challenges and roadblocks.

Quite frankly, we will never understand life, but we must learn to not let what happens affect our most sacred possession — our heart.

The heart is the engine that drives the vehicle. Just like in a car, if the engine is bad, the car is in desperate need of repair. The same is true for us as individuals: If our heart is bad, we will not perform at the level we were designed to perform.

Life is about optimum performance. In order to achieve great results and change the landscape of the environment around you, the heart must be in tip-top shape. The fat from all of the heartbreak and disappointment must be let go. The bad habits of holding grudges and neglecting to see the silver lining in every situation must be reversed.

Our hearts were given to us not to serve as storage containers but as fountains of blessings. Our hearts should only give out one thing — love. I encourage you: Before you do anything else, consider the condition of your heart. If it is not in the best possible shape, shed the fat and make it happen. If you think your heart is in tip-top shape, do not kid yourself — you have more work to do.

The process of staying fit never stops. It’s a lifetime process. Let’s embrace the journey and get heart fit.

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