Jasper Knighten

There comes a point and time in each of our lives when we reach a turning point. In other words, we reach a crossroads. Our lives are myriad complexities. In order to weave our way through the mazes of life, we must rise above the intricacies of everyday life. We must aim higher.

We must be in pursuit of a higher calling. We must abandon mediocrity and accept a higher standard of living and excellence in every aspect of our lives. The ability to attain greatness is within each of our grasp, and it lies within our moral compass.

One fact of life I have come to realize is that our destinies are linked together in an unspoken fashion. Our triumphs and successes are the pathways to others’ prosperity. It is vitally important as a parish that we begin to aim higher. We began to see the untapped potential in each person in this parish. First, we must recognize the potential we possess as individuals.

Many times, we allow God-given talents to lie dormant. As a result, some child, family member, co-worker or neighbor’s life hangs in the balance due to acceptance of mediocrity and the status quo. We must learn to excel in every area of our lives. If we aim for only greatness, then others’ standards will be raised.

Our community’s bond is one only we can understand. Our community’s bond is one only we can accurately depict. In the future, it is my prayer and vision that history will tell the story of a parish as a hopeful, faithful, active and progressive community. It is important to remember: A vision says what will be, not what can be. In due time, the world will see what we have known in our hearts for years.

From this moment forward, aim higher. The sky is not the limit for our schoolchildren. The sky is not the limit for our communities and parish. Let us continue to move forward with purpose. Let us begin a mission together for greatness. Greatness is who we are — not what we can be.

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