ST. HELENA Echo’s From the Past: 1983 _lowres

The original publication from 1983 reads: Walter McLendon and his family farm the Amos Womack property near Liverpool in St. Helena. Farming the soil for his family's survival for a number of years has made Walter realize how important the good earth is to him. 'Most of the farming operation is done by a horse-drawn plow. The use of a horse-drawn plow may be a thing from the past, but I still like it,' said McLendon. The McLendon farm consists of thirty-three acres of rolling hill land. Vegetable crops are grown on four acres, pastureland consists of five acres and the remaining twenty-four is in woodland. Walter is a typical farmer in many ways and a unique manager of the land. He uses soil conservation techniques like contour farming, crop rotation and utilizes crop residue management in controlling soil erosion. 'As long as you manage what God has given us to survive on, then soil will continue to give to you in the years ahead,' said Walter. 'Walter is shown with his horse and plow.

Each week, we’ll take a look back at photos published in The Echo. The feature photo for this week’s Echo’s From the Past is from the Sept. 5, 1983, edition of the St. Helena Echo.