Student worker Iris Travis, a 2013 graduate of St. Helena Arts & Technology Academy and a sophomore student in the nursing program at Northshore Technical Community College, is saving the Earth while also entertaining the patrons at the Audubon Regional Library in Greensburg

When Travis’ supervisor asked her to research fun activities to do in the library, she she just knew she needed to find a project that could benefit the older and younger patrons.

“What better way to entertain our patrons and help our community than to create recycled robots? They are the future of our library as well as our community,” Travis said.

Travis said she discovered the recycled robots project on Pinterest after some extensive Internet research.

She found out that you could make robots out of just about anything.

“All you need are random items you have laying around your house, like old bottles, cans and containers. For my robots, I used water bottles, old buttons, duct tape, even old dish detergent bottles,” Travis said.”

She named her robots Dawn and Joy.

The initial idea of creating Dawn and Joy, Travis said, was intimidating. She reminded herself that the project was all in the name of fun, so there was no need to stress. After that reminder, she was able to have fun with how she wanted her robot to look.

“I originally only created Joy; she was my version of Rosie from ‘The Jetsons,’ ” she said. “I wanted her to have personality and a great sense of fashion.”

When she finished Joy, Travis said she couldn’t wait to make her a companion, which ended up becoming her husband, Dawn.

Travis said she had so much fun creating Dawn and Joy that her mother even started giving her suggestions on how she should dress them.

When the recycled robots were complete, Travis brought them to the library and everyone fell in love with them, she said.

“My supervisor even suggested that I should expand their family and create little adventures for Dawn and Joy,” she said.

Dawn and Joy are on display at the library’s front desk. They have become a great discussion piece between the library staff and the patrons, librarian Jean Claxton said.

“This is great because we get to talk to the patrons about possible recycling projects that the library plans to offer in the near future,” Claxton said.