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Jasper Knighten

Everyone has an innate desire to be great. All of us have a burning urge to leave an indelible mark on humanity in some way. We are driven by our passions. We have ideals about what life should be and what will make us happy.

As children, we all form pictures in our mind about what we want from life. However, as time passes, and the realities of life’s calamities sink in, many people lose faith in achieving their dreams. I always have been a proponent of the philosophy that life is broken into two types of people, thinkers and doers.

Life is an ever-evolving door. It is never the same. Conditions in life will never seem ideal unless we learn to make life instead of life making us. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but dreaming does not produce tangible results. Dreaming only provides a spark and an emotional ecstasy. The high provided from dreaming lasts only so long and can produce only so much. Life is bound or unleashed by the mindset one possesses. Life can be an endless ocean of success or an inevitable death sentence. It is simply the approach you take and the perspective you maintain.

Any successful person will acknowledge they achieved success only because they acted on their dreams. They never sat back and waited for handouts. They did not hinge their hopes of climbing life’s ladder on others’ downfalls. They realized their destiny was within their control. Each of us is a painter. We hold the paintbrushes to our canvases.

Life is not meant to be a burden. There may be a pitfall or shortage in your life, but the secret to conquering life resides in the resolve you possess.

How bad do you desire to see your dreams come to life? Is there a tugging at your spirit that will not go away? Feed the urge to have the best in life. Feed the monster inside of you that sees and thinks bigger and better.

The secret to life is within your grasp. Life really is no secret. We make life into a secret when we fail to live above mediocrity. Living in mediocrity ultimately presents life to younger generations as a big maze that must be figured out. Life must not be figured out but lived and enjoyed. We were not given life to take but to give.

In essence, in order to have the life you desire, do not take but give your all to creating a masterpiece. You have the secret to this life. You have the key to unlocking all of life’s locked doors. Use your secret key. Open the door to the life you are destined to live. It is yours to have or lose. It is your choice. Make the best of this beautiful gift we have been given.

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