Jasper Knighten

I have always been a firm believer in the “your pain has purpose” phenomenon. Many self-help books and biographies chronicle hiccups people have overcome. Thankfully, for many of us, we have been fortunate enough to overcome and conquer many of life’s traps due to others’ willingness to share their testimonies.

Despite the fact many people have been fortunate enough to gain control of areas in their lives where they struggle, many people are not as fortunate. Some people are able to conquer their kryptonite early in life, while others deal with issues their entire lives, ultimately leading to their demise. Life isn’t meant to be a stumbling block but rather an ocean of opportunity. We were not created to drown in life but instead to experience its waves. We were made to ride life’s waves and experience the fullness of life.

For one reason or another, from one circumstance to another, we are tripped up in some shape, form or fashion during life. Many of us are taught to get back up and catch the next big wave while some of us don’t catch another one for years. Great majorities are rescued due to the wisdom of people in their lives. I am sure many of us can attest to the fact that if it had not been for a caring and wisdom-led individual in our lives, we would not experience the peace and success we enjoy.

I firmly and wholeheartedly believe life is based on reciprocity. We must give in order to receive. The motivation behind this piece is to encourage each of us to remember the obligations we hold as humans to share our personal struggles with those closest to us and those not so close to us.

Life is a big puzzle. When time as we know it has come to an end, each of us will have played some part in shaping this world we live in and the lives of those who graced this beautiful Earth. But the question will be asked, did you in some way help carve someone else’s life into a masterpiece or only considered the intricacies of your own life?

How will you be remembered? How many lives will you have touched? Will you have helped to break generational curses? Will you have averted a disaster in someone else’s life? There is someone in each of our lives who is in desperate need of our testimony. They are in need of our love and attention. So often, we are ashamed of our shortcomings. We are afraid to tell people that we have failed, when in actuality, our failures are what build and catapult us into our destinies. No person on the face of Earth would be where he or she is this very second if they had not failed.

We must develop new mindsets. Our failures should not be seen as a scar of shame but as a badge of honor. Failures are man’s rite of passage into his place of purpose. Our specific purposes are not always easily seen or understood, but we all share one common purpose — ensuring someone else experiences freedom from the mistakes in life. Let’s take charge. Let’s be difference-makers. Let’s be life-changers. We can do it, one person and one conversation at a time.

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