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Jasper Knighten

Have you ever found yourself being consumed by the day-to-day chatter of life? Have you been unable to process a day’s events and make rational decisions because you are consumed with too much?

Everyone has been consumed, mentally drained and desperate for a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, life can become so hectic the most minute decisions appear to be monumental tasks.

Many of the frustrations we face are because we fail to plan and prioritize.

Throughout life, we must constantly re-evaluate and adjust our priorities to fit the phase of life we are navigating. I have learned that a routine successful in one stage of life may prove to be fatal in another.

As we progress in life, we must learn the art of shedding. What is shedding? Shedding is simply releasing, burying and forgetting those activities and people that no longer serve us any good.

Life is similar to the education process. As we matriculate through elementary, middle and high school, we are taught through textbooks. Each grade and subject requires a particular textbook. Once a course is complete, the textbook is not used in the next grade, but it remains at that level. The same idea is true for each of us in life.

Many of the activities and people we associated with on one level were great for our development at that time. However, time has passed. A new level of life requires different associates, activities and mindset. Nothing lasts forever. We must learn to let go of everything and everyone detrimental to our success in life.

The only way to truly maximize life is to delete all of the unnecessary clutter. Most of us carry too much baggage. We are carrying baggage from past relationships, failed business ventures and disappointments from friends. Your mind must be free to capitalize on life. You can never see the bright future while focusing on the weights of yesterday.

To go forward, you must leave the position you are in and not look back.

Start fresh this second. You owe it to yourself.

Erase, erase, erase.

Start living the life you were created to live: a life of destiny, purpose and fulfillment.

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