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Jasper Knighten

Have you ever considered the consequences of your feelings?

Has it ever occurred to you that your feelings are directly linked to the course of your life?

As much as we may not want to admit, our feelings hold power in our lives. Even more so, our feelings are more influential in our decision-making than we realize.

Feelings can spur love or hate. Feelings can inspire one to conquer a goal or to withdraw and accept the pressures of life. Feelings can produce rage and irrational behavior or prove a person’s maturity and sanity. Feelings are natural.

They are what drive each of us. In order to be successful and a conqueror in life, feelings must be controlled and nurtured.

There have been times in each of our lives where we did or said something we regret. Some of us may have learned from our behavior, while some of us feel no remorse.

Regardless, feelings were the driving force behind our behavior. Feelings inspire all kinds of behavior.

For so long, I never realized I had control over my feelings.

Before my discovery, I was blown with the wind. I was impulsive, selfish and egotistical. I had no regard for the consequences of my decisions in life. My feelings ruled my life. My life was not consistent and was doomed for failure. Now, I live a life of consistency. I found out the secret. We all have power over our feelings. Your feelings have no control over your life.

Life should not be ruled by feelings. If you desire to live a disciplined, happy life, learn to live above your feelings and impulsive desires. In order to get a grip on your feelings, you must first train your thoughts.

Whether we realize it or not, our feelings are a byproduct of the thoughts we think. Our feelings are a byproduct of the information we receive and internalize each day. Be careful of the people you hang around. Negative and sad people will only rub off on you and cause you to become negative and sad.

You were given life to create more life. You were not given life to be ruled by your feelings but rather to create your feelings. You control how you feel. The next time you feel doubtful, remind yourself that you have faith. The next time you feel sad, remind yourself that happiness is meant for you. Do not go another day of your life bound by feelings. Live above being controlled, and start living the life you deserve. This life is yours. Tap into it and live it.

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