Jasper Knighten

The Thanksgiving holiday is perhaps the most important holiday behind Christmas and Easter. We all salivate over the idea of eating baked, smoked or fried turkeys and watching the Dallas Cowgirls’ game. More importantly, we look forward to spending valuable time with family. I always viewed the Thanksgiving holiday as a time of refreshment, renewal and thanksgiving.

It is so easy to become bogged down in our own life processes until we forget the importance of life. We forget many times how to enjoy life. We forget the importance of having a heart of thanksgiving. We are all guilty of being selfish and not giving thanks for the many blessings we have. Living in America has afforded many of us opportunities people in foreign countries would kill to have. We are abundantly blessed in America.

Oftentimes our circumstances and situations are grim, and we are almost to the point of giving up on life. But we have to learn to persevere and gain a heart and love for thanksgiving. Giving thanks is the only way to strengthen your heart and mind. Giving thanks allows you to develop an optimistic perspective about life. For some reason, we are prone to focus on the negatives and what we seem to lack in life. In reality, we have more than enough.

During this Thanksgiving season and going forward, individually and collectively, let’s practice being thankful. Let’s remove the negative conversations and thoughts from our lives. If we expect to grow as people, the only way we’ll get there is through the elevation of our minds. The first step in elevating your mind is through practicing being thankful.

As we sit to eat this Thanksgiving holiday, let’s remember to practice being thankful. Remind your family members and friends of how much they mean to you.

Tell them they are a part of you and that you need them. Most of all, tell them you love them and that there is not anything in this world they can do about it.

Have a great holiday season, St. Helena.

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