Jasper Knighten

As the Christmas season has finally arrived, I cannot help but notice the giving spirit of everyone. I guess that is why this is the best time of the year.

We all forget our own selfish desires and feverishly dash through stores and jump from mall to mall and click from website to website looking for gifts those closest to us will love. For some reason, our jovial giving spirit is seen only during this time of year. I began to wonder the other day how nice it would be if we all for one year did not think of our own desires but considered someone else and their needs.

Our world would be such a happier place if we actually considered others instead of ourselves. I honestly think so many people are miserable inside because they are consumed with pleasing their own desires. If the entire truth were given, it is impossible to meet every single desire.

Each of us was created to be producers. In the culture and society in which we live, we are taught to concern ourselves with our own livelihoods. Very seldom is there an emphasis placed on the importance of being our brother’s keeper. Very seldom is there an emphasis placed on the fact our destinies are interwoven in ways our minds will never be able to comprehend. In other words, we all need one another. Our uprisings and downfalls depend on the strength of our brothers and sisters.

It is my sincere hope going into the new year that each of us makes New Year’s resolutions. But instead of making them to meet our desires, they should be made with the intent and purpose of benefiting someone else. Each of us should pledge next year to meet the needs of someone else. We should go out of our way to make sure they feel appreciated. We should go out of our way to make sure they are properly nourished.

Next year, we need to devote ourselves to becoming the producers we were designed to be. We should devote next year to planting a seed of hope and inspiration into some young boy, girl, man or woman.

Love has no eyes or ears. Love is not bound by ethnicity, gender or age. Love is for everyone. We must give our love in the upcoming year to meet the needs of someone else. We must give our love in order to restore the dreams and visions of our community and world’s needs. Love is the tool that built the foundation of the world. Love has sustained this world. Love is the only tool that will continue to sustain this world and each of us.

Let’s not stop giving once Christmas has passed, but let’s make it a way of life. Let’s strive to make someone else’s life a bit more enjoyable. It will not hurt you to go the extra mile for someone else. I guarantee the rewards and benefits of giving far outweigh the selfishness of being self-centered. St. Helena, let’s make it happen. Let’s be givers and producers. Let’s make the lives of our neighbors and friends better. We can do it. We will do it.

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