One St. Helena: You Are Not Entitled _lowres

Jasper Knighten

Love is the cure for all of life’s problems. People are the vehicle by which this cure is administered to the diseases of life. And time is the testament by which the cure’s potency is seen over and over again.

Life can be downright mind-blowing at times. It leaves you with question after question. Doubts grow with each new unbearable tragedy. Fear increases seemingly by the second with the uncertainty of each new day.

Life is like being in the boxing ring but lasting far longer than a mere 12 rounds.

Life can sometimes trick us into believing we are superhuman. It almost forces us into this isolated world of trying to battle the blows of life on our own — pretending to be macho, never truly dealing with the events of life correctly — but instead acting as if we can shoulder the burden alone, only to our demise. We see no need for cheerleaders. No need for true friends to whom we can truly be an open book. That life is a lie. And that life is not the one any of us should live.

We are not in this journey alone. I do not care how many haters you have or how many people you feel do not understand the pressure of your circumstance — you cannot successfully make this experience called life an enjoyable one unless you first learn to provide a shoulder to lean on and also learn to lean on someone else.

Nothing about life suggests we should be superhuman, macho, isolated people. Each of us was made to endure and conquer the battles of life together. We were made to experience the pleasantries of the cruise ships of life and enjoy the mountaintop views the successes of life provide. We were made together and we are better together.

When times are tough, are you a shoulder someone can lean on? When your life is topsy-turvy, do you neglect your pride and allow someone else’s love to nurse you back to emotional health?

Life will not always be peaches and cream. It will not always give us what we desire, but we must learn the art of appreciation. We must learn to accept life and lean on each other. There is untold power in numbers. Two has, and always will be, better than one.

I guess the old adage still rings true: One is a lonely number. Although we are individuals, we are intertwined. We need each other. Your success in life depends on your support system. And the people around you, their success depends on the love and support you send their way. Whatever you are facing now, with time, it will get better. Thankfulness and a determination to rise above the prison of isolation is the key.

Reach out and touch someone. Allow the love God placed in the people around you to work and do what it was intended to do — help you grow. And in return, open your heart and give love to someone else, too.

Our world needs love. Our country needs love. Our state needs love. Our community needs love. And you need love. Give love.

Love is the key to unlocking the prison doors of sorrow, disappointment, resentment and fear. I believe the dark doors of your life will not be opened, but are opened now. Love has already opened the door. Just walk into freedom.

St. Helena, the best is yet to come. The jubilant storybook ending is still in the script for each of our lives. The script won’t change. Destiny’s dates are always booked in advance with no cancellation possible whatsoever. Rest assured, it is well.

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