The woman who school officials say “knows more about the way the campus is run than anyone else” will retire this October after nearly 40 years in administration.

Sharon Guy Hornsby, dean of the Northshore Technical Community College Florida Parishes Campus in Greensburg, has announced her official retirement date as Oct. 30.

To help her celebrate, more than 150 friends, colleagues and family members gathered July 16 at the campus for a retirement celebration.

Guests described her as smart, forward-thinking, compassionate, patient, fun and dedicated. They also praised her leadership skills.

Hornsby responded with her typical humility, deflecting the attention to her staff and successor, Kim Finch.

“It’s been such a great job, working with such smart, committed people. When you leave a job like this, you really are leaving a part of your life behind. But you really can’t hang on. At some point you have to move on and let other people take over,” Hornsby said. “It would be a lot harder if Kim weren’t following me. I would have a lot more concerns.”

Finch turned the attention right back to Hornsby.

“I want to thank you, Dean Hornsby, for everything that you have accomplished here; it’s made the campus what it is,” said Finch. “It’s gonna feel a lot emptier here without you, but feel free to stop by at any time and brighten our day with your presence.”

Chancellor William Wainright said the college is honored to have Finch serve as dean following Hornsby.

“As you can see through her emotions what she has shared, and she’s been very well trained for that role and is doing a phenomenal job,” said Wainright.

“Dean Hornsby, we hold this retirement celebration in a facility that you and I both know that many said would never happen, couldn’t happen and here we are,” Wainwright said.

Hornsby worked diligently, Wainwright said, to find the site for the new facility and was involved from the beginning to the final construction of the new facility for the Northshore Technical Community College.

Hornsby began her career with the Louisiana Community and Technical College System in 1975 at the Baton Rouge Technical College, which is now part of the Baton Rouge Community College. 

She served as a business education instructor for approximately two years until she became the guidance counselor and student financial aid officer. 

For a brief time, she dually served as the assistant director and dean of the Folkes Campus in Jackson.

She transferred later to the Louisiana Technical College, Florida Parishes Campus, serving as assistant director and dean.

During 2001, she was appointed campus dean of the Florida Parishes Campus. She was interim campus dean of the Hammond Campus for approximately four years while serving as campus dean of the Florida Parishes Campus. 

Hornsby holds a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, and a master’s degree and educational specialist degree from LSU.

She is a licensed professional counselor and an LPC board-certified counselor supervisor.

She was selected by the Mac-Arthur Foundation as the 2013 Louisiana State Champion for Change Award recipient and as a commissioner for the Council on Occupational Education, the college accreditation agency.

Hornsby plans to pursue her love for horses, her grandchildren, friends and family after her retirement.