EDITOR’S NOTE: There are two students named Olivia Wilson mentioned in the following article.

West Feliciana Parish students have been named to the good citizen and math challenge lists for the second nine-week grading period at Bains Elementary School.

According to Bains teacher Marilyn Pohlmann, good citizens are chosen based on the Leader In Me program, which is based on Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.” Covey’s book is based on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by his father, Stephen Covey.

The program teaches children the value of leadership, accountability, adaptability, initiative, cross-cultural skills, problem-solving, communication, creativity and teamwork based on the seven guiding principles outlined in the book, school officials said.

Bains students chosen as good citizens for the second nine-week grading period are:

SECOND GRADE: Ainsley Black, Brian Allen Branch, Philip Major, Carter Morgan, Carla Rachal, Alana Woods and Shayna Worsham.

THIRD GRADE: Gavin Davis, Jaden Fowler, Tanner Gardner, Emily Hunter, Lillie Lynch, Allie Peters and Samarah Price.

FOURTH GRADE: Rowdy Anthony, Logan Cook, Davarre Dyson, Thy Hong, Madzy Leak, Ava Pilcher and Olivia Wilson.

FIFTH GRADE: Austin Hamel, Maggie Hawkins, Desmonique Roundtree, LaDasha Stewart, Everet Washington, Rae’ghan Williams and Lukas Wilson.

Math challengers in each homeroom and from each grade level engage in math contests to see who can work the most problems correctly in the quickest amount of time, Pohlmann said.

From the challengers, a champion is named.

Math champions are Darius Emery, second grade; Brooke Williams, third grade; Felipe del Solar, fourth grade; and Olivia Wilson, fifth grade.

“Each grade level works a different mathematical operation. For example, second-graders may work addition problems,” Pohlmann said.

Math challengers for the second nine-week grading period are:

SECOND GRADE: Darius Emery, Je’Nya Gilmore, Aiden Heiser, Zakaria Ladraa, Nathan Mayeaux, Axel Pattison and Nakiya Pittman.

THIRD GRADE: Tucker Bullock, Aden Dornquast, Arieonia Ebbs, Wesley Little, Brayden Ready, Desmond Roundtree and Brooke Williams.

FOURTH GRADE: Brody Bush, Felipe del Solar, Christopher George, Jacob Hunter, Lane Lancaster, Alaysia Sullivan and Taylor Summers.

FIFTH GRADE: Andrew Dantin, Maggie Hawkins, Ty Lancaster, Desmond Lee, Ker’Lisa Newton, Trey Rogers, Mary Frances Whitehouse and Olivia Wilson.