Entergy engineers go viral with ‘look like’ campaign _lowres

Photo provided by Jami Cameron -- Ni Zhen, a safety analysis engineer at River Bend Station in St. Francisville, has gone viral.

When software engineer Isis Anchalee agreed to be one of the faces in her company’s recruiting ad, she had no idea her photo would spark weeks of online conversation about women in engineering roles across a wide range of industries.

The #ilooklikeanengineer Twitter hashtag got the attention of several Entergy engineers, who were more than ready to represent their profession, industry and company, counteracting stereotypes about their field of work.

“This campaign was important to me because it shows children of diverse backgrounds that they can pursue any career regardless of stereotypes,” said Ni Zhen, a safety analysis engineer at River Bend Station in St. Francisville.

“It’s important to me to inspire young women to pursue education and careers in engineering.”

Demographic trends indicate that by 2020, significantly more women and minorities will enter the engineering ranks in the country, according to Willie Wilson, an Entergy senior manager for regional customer service in New Orleans.

“Entergy’s role is to recruit that talent and to ensure they find an organizational culture that values and uses their abilities,” Wilson said.