Despite thunderous weather June 12, the St. Francisville Area Foundation held its annual membership drive and fundraiser at the weekend retreat of Glenn and Margaret Solomon, which includes the private Solitude Airstrip in West Feliciana Parish.

More than 140 guests attended the Patron Salute and Fly-Over, which featured a picnic buffet, a show by The Fugitive Poets and an air show by the Southern Heritage Air Foundation.

Four patrons took flight at the beginning of the event in AT-6 Texan Trainers, and an auction was held for a ride in the P-51D Mustang, Charlotte’s Chariot II, piloted by Dan Fordice, founder and chairman of Southern Heritage. Leonard Sullivan, of St. Francisville, was the winning bidder of the ride at $4,500.

A portion of the auction proceeds will be donated to the West Feliciana Education Foundation. To learn about that group, visit

The St. Francisville Area Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to protect, restore and enhance the natural beauty, cultural charm and quality of life in the Felicianas, according to Executive Director Lauren Field.

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