Bains Elementary students can excel in more areas than one, according to Bains’ Marilyn Pohlmann.

The student in each homeroom who works the most problems correctly in the quickest time is the Math Challenge winner for that nine-week grading period, Pohlmann explained.

“Each grade level works on a different operation, for example, second-graders may work addition problems,” Pohlmann said.

Math Challenge students for the nine-week grading period include:

Second Grade: Aidan Heiser, Nathan Mayeaux, Dane Axel Pattison, Presley Rayburn, Jordan Rogers, Landon Rourke and Hunter Teague.

Third grade: Tucker Bullock, Ja’Tavion Cryer, Cade Grissett, Brayden Guillory, Brayden Ready, Erick Sullivan and Brooke Williams.

Fourth grade: Kaden Cowart, Felipe Del Solar, Jacob Hunter, McKenzie Kliesch, Lane Lancaster, Brayden McEachern and Brooklyn Phelan.

Fifth grade: Mackenzie Bedell, Dany Castro-Escobar, Andrew Dantin, Leena Felder, Desmond Lee, Mary Frances Whitehouse and Sarah Olivia Wilson.

Students named to the Bains Elementary Good Citizen list are chosen based on Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids,” Pohlmann explained.

The seven habits students at Bains embody are: be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize; and sharpen the saw.

By being proactive, students take initiative and act responsible.

Beginning with the end in mind means to plan ahead and set goals, Pohlmann said.

Habit three means to work first, then play.

When students think win-win, it means they balance courage for getting what they want with consideration for what others want, Pohlmann explained.

Students who seek first to understand listen to other people’s ideas, appreciate their feelings and see things from their viewpoints.

Habit six, to synergize, means together is better. Students work to get along with others, even people who are different, according to the book.

To sharpen the saw, students take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising and getting sleep, Pohlmann explained.

Bains Elementary students chosen as Good Citizens for the nine-week grading period are:

second grade: Marlie Bedell, Jimmik Givens, Rustin Hill, Hillary Hones, Nakyea Pittman, Hunter Redmon and Gracie Winfield.

Third grade: Madelyn Anthony, Abby Barnes, Miles Bryant, Tucker Bullock, Tiffany Emery, Paris Fox and Julie LaGrone.

Fourth grade: Aliesha Brumfield, Abigail Guillory, Rosemarie Hill, Gracyn Kleinpeter, Lexi Lanehart, Charlie Seal and Ja’Myria Williams.

Fifth grade: Brittany Emery, Dany Castro-Escobar, Ava Harrigill, Emily McEachern, I’Aliayah Sullivan, Tramel Veals and La’Mya Whitaker.