Two projects funded by the Parent-Teacher League have made Bains Elementary School a little better. A section of cafeteria windows was upgraded and a new park bench for the playground was provided to the school.

Last summer, 12 louver windows were replaced with tempered glass that blocks sunlight and glare. The new metal park bench covers a cement block that jutted out of the ground and was in the way of active children.

The window project cost roughly $7,000 and the bench was $600.

“The old windows looked terrible,” Principal Abby Cochran said. “They were made of Plexiglas and had discolored. Some lattice work was also replaced and it looks much better now. I’m so grateful to our PTL for funding both of these projects. They paid for all of it, and we didn’t have to use school funds.

“There is a big tank under the cement block, and we couldn’t afford to have it removed, so the PTL came up with the perfect solution, which was to place a bench over it.”

Eventually a tree will be planted behind the bench like others on the playground.

She said the two projects are the latest examples of how engaged the PTL is with the school on a regular basis. The president is Stephanie Ferguson.

“We have an all-new board this year, and they help do anything we need them to do,” Cochran said. “They provide us with manpower and money.”

Other projects the Bains PTL has helped with include ice cream socials, nacho days after the students complete state-required testing, and fund-raisers, including book fairs and the box-top program.

They also provide teacher appreciation programs, and each year, they give Christmas gifts to faculty and school employees.

“They put in hours the staff can’t and help with everything like filing papers and making copies — things the teachers don’t have time to do,” Cochran said. “They are also very big in getting parent participation. They are like our cheerleaders, and they’re good at spreading the word. I couldn’t do a lot that I do without them. They support us financially, and they help with anything and everything. We’re lucky to have them.”