Members of Girl Scout Daisy Troop 10099, sponsored by Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville, met with Layne Langley, LSU Agricultural Center area nutrition agent of Livingston and West Feliciana parishes, in early spring in an effort to earn My Best Self patches.

The kindergarten and first-graders learned about MyPlate, which emphasizes healthy meal choices using the dairy, fruit, grain, protein and vegetable food groups, and worked in teams to design their own versions of MyPlate.

“Having learned about the MyPlate food groups during Play 30, the teams easily created ‘balanced’ plates,” Langley said.

The Daisies also played Exercise SpinZone, which included spinning a wheel and watching it land on a food group that had the girls selecting specific foods within each group, Langley said.

“They enjoyed the physical activity part that had them performing exercises depending on where the ‘spinner’ landed. After the activities, the Daisies made peanut butter faces by using bananas, raisins and rice cakes for the facial parts,” said Langley.

The Daisy troop leaders are Anna Pate and Earlisha Whitfield. Co-troop leaders are Alaina LaCour and Anita Sadler, both of Bains Lower Elementary.