West Feliciana Parish Assessor Randy Ritchie and his staff will open the tax rolls in the Assessor’s Office for public inspection beginning Monday for a 15-calendar day period.

“It procedurally opens the rolls for public inspection,” said Chief Deputy Assessor Richard Kendrick. “It’s a due process issue and gives taxpayers an opportunity to come in and see how we have their property assessed.”

The assessor is responsible for estimating the value of property, which includes land and any structures on that land. A percentage of that value is then taxed by the parish.

By law, the assessor in each of Louisiana’s 64 parishes must open their books each year to give taxpayers an opportunity to challenge the assessments or to offer any rebuttal or evidence that might affect a property’s valuation.

“Normally we agree, and if a taxpayer provides evidence to support lowering it, we can lower it,” said Kendrick. “If we don’t agree, the taxpayer has an opportunity to appeal to the Board of Review.”

In West Feliciana, the Board of Review is the Parish Council. The deadline to appeal is Sept. 21, and the hearing date is Sept. 28. If a taxpayer doesn’t agree with the Parish Council, they can appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission, which is located in Baton Rouge.

“I’ve been here 10 years, and we’ve had two appeals in that time,” said Kendrick. “We’re very accommodating and open. We do make mistakes, and sometimes the property owner might not have filed a homeowner’s exemption or other things that may adjust their values.”

Taxpayers can go online and view their assessment on a specific parcel at wfassessor.com or call (225) 635-3350. They also can visit the West Feliciana Assessor’s Office in the Courthouse Annex, 4785 Prosperity St., from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.