Two members of the Capital Region Planning Commission announced their recommendations relating to traffic issues in the Historic District of St. Francisville at the Sept. 22 Board of Aldermen meeting.

CRPC Executive Director Jamie Setze and Deputy Director for Planning Kim Marousek told the board they created their plan after meeting with residents of the Historic District who have expressed concerns related to traffic and congestion mainly along Royal Street but on the side streets as well. They also have conducted traffic counts in the area.

Among the concerns of the area’s residents were the amount of traffic, speeding vehicles, parking and overall safety, particularly with children and pedestrians.

“The concern is to get people to slow down,” Marousek said. “We want the residents to feel safe.”

She said the CRPC is going to recommend visually narrowing the curve near Market Hall by changing the sidewalk surfacing material to contrast with the paved roadway. Continuing the brick pattern from the sidewalk from Ferdinand Street would be one possible way. Another recommendation is to place removable bollards, or metal poles, at the edge of the sidewalk and roadway to delineate parking areas.

One suggestion is to add similar brick-like material to make crosswalks at the intersection of Prosperity and Royal streets because of heavy pedestrian activity. Other measures include adding above-ground planters to the area in front of the Methodist Church and develop a shared parking plan for the area.

Setze said the CRPC will assist the town with exploring grant funding opportunities that may be available to help defer some of the costs for the improvements. He said the CRPC will present its final plan at a future Board of Aldermen meeting.