The West Feliciana Parish School Board announced at its June 16 meeting that Superintendent Hollis Milton has received an “outstanding” rating for his annual evaluation.

Milton received a cumulative 3.7 out of a possible score of 4.0, the highest ranking he’s received in his five-year tenure with the school system. The evaluation form measures six goals and 41 objectives, with a “4” for “outstanding” and a 1 for “needs improvement.”

Milton’s original contract stipulates that if he receives “average or above” ratings on four goals or more, he is entitled to a 3 percent reward, which equals $3,561 on top of his salary to be paid in July.

His new contract, which goes into effect July 1, does not include incentive pay provision. The board approved the reward.

“I am very pleased with Mr. Milton’s performance,” board member Amanda McKinney said. “This has been a year filled with many exciting educational opportunities due to Mr. Milton’s hard work and vision.”

Only five of the seven board members submitted evaluation forms for tabulation.

Board member James White said, “I threw it in the trash,” when asked why he didn’t submit his form to the School Board office. After the meeting, White said he felt board Vice President Milton Coates was slighted because he was not included in the tallying of the scores along with board President Kevin Beauchamp and administrator Ruthie Davis.

Board member Sara Wilson-Rogers, who also did not submit an evaluation form, said in her case, it was merely an oversight.

During the meeting, when White brought up the issue during the discussion, Beauchamp said, “I apologize, I’m sorry. Blame it on me.”

After the meeting, Coates said he wanted to be part of the process, and Beauchamp again apologized to Coates.

“It was just an oversight, it wasn’t intentional,” Beauchamp explained. “It’s an objective evaluation, right there in black and white. The numbers don’t lie.”

In other board action, a new three-year contract was approved for Bains Elementary Principal Abby Cochran, effective July 1 through June 30, 2018.

In addition, a new special education teacher and new special education paraprofessional were approved, and The Advocate was named the official journal of the school board through fiscal year 2015-16.