The West Feliciana Parish Council has agreed to transfer up to $250,000 from an auxiliary account to provide matching funds for future projects for the West Feliciana Parish Sports Park.

Those projects would be funded through a federal grant, but a precondition for the grant is to demonstrate the matching funds are there, Parish President Kevin Couhig told the council. With the 50-50 match in hand, he said, “there’s a high likelihood we’ll get the grant.”

The local match will come from the Burnett property account, which was funded through the sale of some property. Both the local and federal money will be set aside for future Sports Park projects, which Couhig said haven’t been determined yet.

“We don’t have a project in hand, but we wanted to be able to apply for the maximum amount of the grant we’ll be eligible for,” Couhig said.

The grant’s rules stipulate the future funding must be used for capital projects and outdoor recreation activities. Couhig said a master plan for the park is being developed and when it’s completed and presented for the council’s approval, the grant’s funds will be earmarked for a particular project. The grant money is only available in two-year cycles, and the next eligible time to apply will be 2016, Couhig said.

At least $365,000 has already been allocated from the Burnett account for the Sports Park’s new rodeo arena, which is scheduled for completion for May.

In another matter, Parks and Recreation Director Rob Hunter invited the council and residents to participate in the President’s Walk on March 31 from Bains Elementary to the Sports Park, a 2.5-mile trek to raise awareness for the fight against childhood obesity. After the walk, there will be 60 minutes of activities at the Sports Park for the participating students.

“We want to support healthy activity and have the entire community involved,” Hunter said.

To participate in the walk, call the Sports Park at (225) 784-8447.