Candidates put focus on economy _lowres

Kevin Couhig

Kevin Couhig, 64, Republican, is running for re-election as West Feliciana Parish president.

Couhig, a graduate of Georgetown University, was elected as West Feliciana’s first parish president in 2013, after a Home Rule Charter form of government was adopted by voters.

Couhig said the job has been the most challenging and most rewarding he’s ever had.

“Since my first day, I have been committed to making parish government more transparent, more responsive and more efficient,” Couhig said. “We’ve assembled a professional group of administrative staff and personnel that work every day to give the people of this parish the government they deserve.”

If re-elected, Couhig said he will carry out the mandate of residents to bring a more efficient form of government to West Feliciana.

“We have recognized that without economic growth, our future isn’t as bright as it might be, and we need to encourage growth to bring the prosperity needed to continue having great schools and public services,” Couhig said. “We’ve become a parish that encourages new people and new businesses and is open to ideas and participation from every individual.”

The election is Oct. 24.