ST. FRANCISVILLE — The West Feliciana Parish School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an agreement with Educational Testing Service for the school system to fund a testing program that allows students to earn college credit.

Information System Analyst Steve Comfort recommended the board approve the arrangement with New Jersey-based ETS, which will cost roughly $80 per test for a minimum of 50 students for an initial cost of $4,000.

Students need to score 50 percent or better to receive college credit, and he said the tests are worth an additional 50 points toward accountability scores.

“It could make a big difference in school performance scores and could help the parents,” Comfort said. “There’s three ways for students to get advance placement for college classes — dual enrollment, Advanced Placement or (College Level Examination Program). How much would you pay to get an extra 50 points for a student?”

The first class to offer this testing will be honors civics. Comfort said that with a minimum of 50 students, West Feliciana will become an official testing site. He said most colleges and universities will recognize the CLEP test like they do Advanced Placement credits.

“I want those extra points,” Comfort said. “You’re worried about money; I want those points. It will help us on the accountability scores, and $80 is cheap for three hours of credit.”

The meeting marked the return of Superintendent Hollis Milton, who had a heart attack on Oct. 23. Milton, 42, said his doctors have told him he should have a complete recovery.