Teens and tweens were invited to test their skills to see if they could survive in the “Hunger Games” at the West Feliciana Parish Library in May.

The youths divided into two teams — the Blue Jays and Team of Fire — and competed in several “Survivor”-style challenges that tested their creativity, intellect, memory, self-preservation and speed.

Though they were playing as individuals, the teens needed to make alliances and work with their teams in order to “survive.”

Contestants were timed and their teams awarded points for passing a hula hoop from one person to another while holding the wrist of the person next to them; eating from a bowl without touching the food with their hands; performing an activity with a hula hoop; memorizing items on a table then acting out the items for teammates; and participating in “Cutthroat Island,” a musical chairs game.

Also, the youth used their intellect to answer trivia questions on the topics of English, geography, world history, math and science.

The challenges kicked off a summer of activities, reading, volunteer opportunities and more at the parish library.

For upcoming activities and events, email teen librarian consultant Desiree Alexander at wfplteenlibrarian@gmail.com.