The 4-H program is well-known for its annual livestock shows featuring cattle, goats, pigs and poultry, yet many 4-H’ers raise animals of a much smaller species — think dogs, guinea pigs, lizards and mice.

The West Feliciana Parish 4-H Pet Show in April provided youth who don’t raise livestock a chance to show their pets.

“More importantly, it was a chance to visit with nursing home residents,” said Associate County and 4-H Agent André Brock, of West Feliciana. “It was a winning day for everyone.”

Held at St. Francisville Country Manor, 4-H’ers and their prize-winning pets were awarded certificates in the following categories:

Hunter Beauchamp and GiGi, a pet guinea pig, won most like owner.

Parker Bristow’s pet rabbit, Shadow, tied for cutest.

Josie D’Aquilla’s dog, Lulu, earned the biggest pet title.

Will D’Aquilla’s dog, Tug, was fluffiest.

Callie DeLee and Buddy, her dog, earned the win for most energetic.

Trevor DeLee and Brownie, his dog, won most original name.

Devarre Dyson’s Shih Tzu, Pepper, was awarded best dressed.

Emaline Kile and her geckos, Chocolate Chip, Pig and Speckles, won most colorful.

Chase Norman and his bearded dragons, Chloe and Haley, won best behaved.

Cadence Scott’s Chihuahua, Jazz, tied for cutest pet.