The Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance at its Tuesday meeting that can subject property owners to possible fines for false fire alarms.

The action is in response to an increasing number of false alarms experienced by the St. Francisville Fire Department.

According to the new ordinance, the first occurrence in any 12-month period will prompt a verbal warning, with a written warning for a second false alarm.

A third will draw a civil fine of $50 for residences and $100 for businesses. The fine will double to $100 and $200 for a fourth time and all subsequent occurrences will result in $250 (residential) and $500 (commercial) fines.

“We want to keep these repeated fire alarms from going off because each time, our fire trucks are called out,” said Mayor Billy D’Aquilla. “The point of this is to halt the repeated calls that end up being false alarms.”

D’Aquilla also told the board he has written letters to Gov. John Bel Edwards and Division of Administration Commissioner Jay Dardenne seeking funds to complete work on the Burnett Road bridge.

The town has received $500,000 toward the project, but D’Aquilla said the lowest bid received was more than $700,000 and it had to be rebid.

In addition, D’Aquilla told the board that work is scheduled to begin this week to refurbish the red caboose at the bottom of Ferdinand Street and the project will likely cost less than was budgeted.

The board also passed a resolution recognizing and honoring the service of longtime Assistant District Attorney Mike Hughes, who died suddenly on April 9 at the age of 72.

The resolution will be given to Hughes’ widow, Arlene.