Deputies make arrest in Plaquemine camp slaying _lowres

Detrell Scott

A 22-year-old man accused of robbing and fatally shooting his friend unexpectedly flipped the script during trial proceedings Wednesday, deciding to plead guilty to the crime just moments before lawyers were about to seat the final members of the jury.

Moments later, a state district court judge sentenced Detrell Scott to life in prison for the slaying. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, as charged.

Assistant District Attorney Tony Clayton said Scott wasn’t trying to do the family of victim Kye Boudreaux any favors by forgoing his right to a trial.

He said Scott, 24725 Damon St., Plaquemine, wanted to avoid a trial because of the evidence prosecutors had mounting against him.

“He didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell,” Clayton said outside the courtroom Wednesday. “He confessed. We have him on tape leaving the crime scene. We got his DNA, the weapon — everything.”

Boudreaux’s parents found their son’s body at the family’s camp near Grand River in May 2014 after their son’s boat was spotted about 5:30 a.m. drifting in the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Boudreaux, 26, also of Plaquemine, had been shot in the head with his own gun.

In addition to Boudreaux’s gun, Scott stole the victim’s wallet, car keys, cellphone and some drugs Boudreaux was carrying, according to police reports. The Sheriff’s Office has not identified the type and amount of drugs or said how much money was stolen.

Authorities said Boudreaux had allowed Scott to tag along on a fishing trip that day.

Iberville Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested a second man, Darrell Georgetown, in the murder.

Georgetown, 58175 Plaquemine St., was booked on counts of accessory after the fact and obstruction of justice for helping Scott flee the scene after Scott burned Boudreaux’s truck and trailer in a cane field off La. 1 behind the Relax Inn motel.

Clayton said Georgetown was set to testify against Scott had the matter gone to trial.

The victim’s father, Darrel Boudreaux, was visibly shaken moments after Scott entered a guilty plea Wednesday.

“This is heaven for me,” he said, surrounded by family in the courtroom. “I didn’t want to relive this again.”

However, the victim’s mother, Jane Boudreaux, expressed some disappointment.

She told reporters that she wanted Scott’s trial to play out in hopes it would end a racial war that had sprouted up on social media since her son’s murder.

Jane Boudreaux said black people had commented online that white folks would use the case to send another black man to jail.

Scott is a black man and Boudreaux was white.

“It’s not about black and white. It’s about wrong and right,” she said. “There was definitely a racial war on social media, and it needs to stop. I wanted people to see it wasn’t anyone ratting on him like he believed. It wasn’t white people. He did it to himself.”

In an impact statement she read in court Wednesday, Jane Boudreaux characterized Scott as a devil after seeing text messages where the man bragged to friends about murdering her son.

She said one of those text messages read: “Man, bra, I knocked my white boy off last night.”

“I didn’t know the guy,” she said outside the courtroom. “When they get older, you don’t know all of their friends. But the end result was supposedly they were friends and he took him out to the camp and killed Kye and took everything he had.”

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