NEW ROADS — Pointe Coupee Parish’s superintendent of public schools told School Board members Thursday that efforts are in place to improve recently released Louisiana Department of Education school performance scores.

Superintendent Linda D’Amico said that the district’s overall performance score was 84.2 out of a possible 200 points, which equals a letter grade of D.

The district’s score is up slightly more than two points from last year, she said, and puts the district in the top 10 statewide in overall growth during the past five years.

According to the results, Valverda Elementary received a grade of C, with a baseline score of 98.8.

Meanwhile, both Rougon Elementary and Livonia High schools received D letter grades. Rougon Elementary School’s baseline score was 87.6, while Livonia High School received a score of 84.2.

Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary received a D minus grade, with a score of 69.1, while Rosenwald Elementary received an F minus grade, after a score of 61.

“We are working hard as a district to increase the performance of these schools,” D’Amico said. “The statewide system we’re faced with has very high expectations. Our expectations need to grow.”

D’Amico said she felt contributing factors to the low scores include attendance issues, transfers and busing, among others.

“Because of the transfers, school populations are not stable, which makes it hard to focus on improvement,” she said. “They have to reassess every year.”

Board member Anita Lejeune said she felt D’Amico was giving excuses for the poor grades and not talking about ways the system can improve.

“We need to have something in place that defines district goals and make sure that the schools are working toward those goals,” Lejeune said, citing concerns such as teacher effectiveness.

D’Amico said that another remedial action being taken is to start requiring teachers to follow the state Department of Education curriculum, after discovering some teachers were not doing so.