Tad Parnell, wearing a T-Rex costume, greets his daughter as she emerges from a school bus in Brusly in a video posted on Facebook on Dec. 13, 2017.

Image from Facebook video

Nothing more touching than a dad greeting his child after a long day of school. Even better if he's dressed as a T-Rex and chases her good-naturedly into the house.

That's what Tad Megan Parnell of Brusly did recently, and the video has been shared across social media and picked up by news outlets around the country.

Can't see the video below? Click here.

The video shows Parnell dressed in an inflatable green dinosaur costume dancing in the driveway as the bus approaches. As the girl steps from the bus, she laughs and flees into the house.

The video evoked gleeful reactions from Parnell's Facebook friends, inspiring one to post, "This is the best!!!! Hahaha! What else are we supposed to do as parents, if we don't embarrass our kids!"