The rematch between West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes and Troy A. Maranto ended much the same as their first contest did four years ago with Cazes easily sailing into his fourth term by capturing 73 percent of the vote.

As of 9:06 p.m., with 96 percent of the precincts reporting, Maranto only had 27 percent of the vote.

Maranto, a 45-year-old military veteran and No Party candidate, used Cazes’ failed effort to get voters to approve a half-cent sales tax as the foundation of his campaign.

Maranto claimed he could improve community relations, increase officer visibility and strengthen the Sheriff’s Office’s policies and procedures — all without the need of a tax increase.

But Cazes, who has served as sheriff for 12 years, shrugged off most of Maranto’s attacks, highlighting instead that the parish’s murder rate has declined and felony convictions have increased under his leadership.

In the fall 2011 election, Cazes handily defeated Maranto with 72 percent of the vote.