Something cool just happened at Brusly Elementary School.

A group dedicated to sun safety joined forces with a team of LSU students to design and install a cost-efficient playground sunshade to keep the school's 700-plus students protected during outdoor playtime.

Stumped by the high cost of sunshades, the Lauren Savoy Olinde Foundation approached LSU professor Mary Beth Lima to see if her students could come up with a design for less than $10,000.

Cost per shade project can average $20,000 to $90,000, the foundation said in a news release.

Lima, of the LSU College of Engineering, teaches a service learning class that designs and implements new playground builds. Students designed a three-pole shade sail using locally sourced materials and volunteer labor.

After in-kind donations were factored in, the sunshade cost was under $10,000. The school, the LSO Foundation and a grant from the LSU College of Agriculture and Engineering funded the sunshade.

"These kids will now have a sun safe play environment," LSU Foundation Executive Director Sarah Gray said in the news release. "With costs as low as $10,000, this sunshade at Brusly Elementary School is just the first of many sunshades that we will be able to provide.”

The school's principal, Taya Loupe, was honored her campus was chosen as the first site for the project. Officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the project on Monday at the school. 

"The presence of these sun shades not only allow for our playground equipment to be shaded, but they provide shade to hundreds of our students during recess times when the sun is most intense," Loupe said in an email Tuesday. "We are very fortunate and thankful to both the LSO foundation and LSU for working with our PTO to make this possible for the students at our school."

The LSO Foundation promotes awareness of skin cancer, noting that childhood sunburns greatly increase a person's chances of developing melanoma skin cancer later in life. It is named after Baton

Rouge naive Lauren Savoy Olinde, who died of melanoma in 2012 at the age of 27.