Mathew Hodgkinson; Scott Rogers

The Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office says it has confirmed that the gun found in the home of slain TV host Scott Rogers was the same one used by the man who killed the 52-year-old local television personality before turning the gun on himself.

Maj. Ronnie Hebert said Tuesday data received from the state’s crime lab establish what investigators had believed — that the Aug. 27 shooting was a case of murder-suicide.

Mathew Hodgkinson was in a coma for eight days from his self-inflicted gunshot wound before he died. Hebert said a crime lab report matched the bullets found in the two men to the same 9mm gun.

The Sheriff’s Office is still waiting for analysis and reports on other evidence investigators pulled from the scene, including a handwritten suicide note they found on the nightstand beside the bed where Rogers was killed.

Hebert said the crime lab is doing a forensic search on a video camera, laptop computer and telephone records that the Sheriff’s Office acquired through search warrants issued after Rogers’ death.

“They’re going through looking for any criminal activity,” he said. “But as of right now, we’re confident no one else is involved in this.”

Rogers was killed on the same day Hodgkinson and Rogers’ daughter testified before a federal grand jury investigating claims that Rogers, a native of England, had filed false information on naturalization and adoption records.

A man in federal protective custody told The Advocate that both he and Hodgkinson, who also went by the name Hodgkins, were sexually abused by Rogers as teenagers in England.

They moved to America and remained entangled with Rogers, whom the victim described as a master manipulator, for more than 20 years.

Iberville Parish authorities said their investigation revealed Hodgkinson was in a sham marriage with Rogers’ daughter and that Hodgkinson and Rogers were lovers.

Investigators said they concluded the Aug. 27 shooting was a case of murder-suicide based on a note Hodgkinson left on a nightstand next to Rogers’ bed.

The note made reference to federal authorities acting to have two children — Rogers’ 10-year-old adopted son and a 2-year-old boy Rogers was in the process of adopting — removed from the Rogers home more than a week earlier.