Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi said Monday he’s sending two deputies to Humble, Texas, in hopes of uncovering who killed a 29-year-old woman and dumped her body into Whiskey Bay.

DNA testing and fingerprint analysis positively identified the woman, who’s body was found Saturday by a fisherman, as Elizabeth Ann Ferrell. Her last known address is in Humble.

Stassi said Ferrell was naked when her body was pulled out of the water by deputies and it had markings around the neck. The coroner ruled she was strangled, the sheriff said.

Stassi said previously he wasn’t sure how long Ferrell had been in the water before she was discovered, but based on its condition, her body probably had not been there longer than 72 hours.

Maj. Ronnie Hebert, who heads the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division, said detectives have “no clue whatsoever” why Ferrell’s body was discovered in Iberville Parish other than to be dumped after she was killed.

“This is going to be a tough one for us; it’s very unusual,” Hebert said. “She has zero ties to the area. No family we have found yet. So we’re sending two guys to Texas to try and get some background information on her, talk to coworkers and her friends.”

The sheriff says Ferrell did have a criminal history, but it was mostly misdemeanor, drug-related offenses.

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