PLAQUEMINE — The Iberville Parish school system’s academic achievement overall has improved in the past four years, but individual schools didn’t fare so well in year-to-year growth, according to state report cards issued last week.

In a presentation Monday to the School Board, the school system’s coordinator of personnel and instruction, Brandie Blanchard, said the school district’s performance score rose by 18.1 points — from 68.1 to 86.2 — between 2007 and 2011.

The state’s overall score, meanwhile, increased 7.7 points, from 85.3 to 93.0, during the same time period.

The district performance score measures how students fare on testing, attendance and dropout rates. The maximum score for districts and individual schools is about 200.

Where Iberville public schools haven’t fared so well is reflected in the letter grades the state Department of Education assigned to individual schools.

The letter grades, on a scale of “A” through “F,” measure each school’s academic improvement from year to year.

Most of Iberville’s public schools received “D” grades, while the best showing was a “C+,” Blanchard said. Despite that showing, Superintendent Ed Cancienne released a statement reassuring parents the school system is improving.

“We are on an upward trajectory,” Cancienne said in the statement. “We aspire to be a great school district and now parents can share in our efforts more than ever by understanding more clearly exactly how their child’s school is performing.”

Here are the 2011 school performance scores and the letter grades ranking how each school improved academically from last year to this year, according to the Iberville Parish school system.

e_SBlt Crescent Elementary and Junior High received a 103.5 performance score and a “C” for academic improvement.

e_SBlt Plaquemine High received a 79.2 performance score and a “D” for academic improvement.

e_SBlt White Castle High received a 76.8 performance score and a “D minus” for academic improvement.

e_SBlt Dorseyville Elementary received a 98.1 performance score and a “C plus” for academic improvement.

e_SBlt Iberville Elementary received an 84.4 performance score and a “D” for academic improvement.

e_SBlt North Iberville Elementary received an 85.3 performance score and a “D” for academic improvement.

• East Iberville Elementary and High School received an 83.1 performance score and a “D” for academic improvement.