Elayne Hunt officer in training accused of smuggling alcohol, cell phones and tobacco into prison _lowres

Jessica Dedon

A woman training to be a correctional officer at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center was arrested this week on allegations she smuggled alcohol, cellphones and tobacco into the prison, authorities reported Tuesday.

Assistant Warden Stephanie Michel said officers with the St. Gabriel Police Department arrested Jessica Dedon, 29, of Denham Springs, after authorities picked up on suspicious activity from the cadet that was captured by video surveillance cameras over the weekend.

The facility’s investigation into the matter was launched by a tip that tobacco and vodka was being smuggled into the correctional center by an officer in training, Michel said in a news release Tuesday.

When Dedon reported for work Sunday, the release states, the prison’s staff found tobacco, rolling papers, cellphones, chargers and a 1-liter bottle of vodka concealed in Dedon’s uniform jacket and personal backpack.

Michel said Dedon tried to evade the routine search all correctional officers must adhere when they report to work by dropping off her jacket and backpack at her work station before officers’ roll call.

Authorities don’t know which inmates Dedon intended to give the items to.

Dedon was booked by the St. Gabriel Police Department on introduction of contraband into a correctional facility and malfeasance in office. She also was fired, Michel said.