Firefighter focus: Cody Shaffer _lowres

Photo provided by Karen Phillips -- Zachary Firefighter Cody Shaffer

Zachary firefighter Cody Shaffer, 20, is an operator on Engine 813 at the Zachary Fire Department.

Born in Zachary and a resident of Pride, Shaffer graduated from Central High School in 2012.

He has worked the past two years as a career firefighter with the ZFD.

During those two years, Shaffer said, his most frightening scenario as a firefighter was his first house fire.

“Not because it was a bad one but because everything was going 100 miles an hour it seemed,” Shaffer said. “I was nervous the whole time because I knew that one small mistake could change a lot, have huge repercussions for me on the job and for others.”

Shaffer said what he loves most about firefighting is helping people.

“There is no better feeling than knowing you have made someone’s day better,” Shaffer said. “What I like least is that, in this profession, you win and lose, and I don’t like to lose, especially at someone else’s expense.”

Shaffer said if he could work in any other profession, he’d like to be a professional hunter.

“Maybe have my own television show and get paid to hunt. That’s what I’d do. Mainly because hunting is something I’m so passionate about,” Shaffer said.

He said his favorite thing to do on his off days is — you guessed it — hunt. “It’s the only place you will find me when I’m not at the station — in the woods,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer’s uncle, Capt. Todd Phenald, is a firefighter for the ZFD as well.