The Zachary Fire Department’s fire prevention clowns, known as the FireStoppers, ended their monthlong tour of area schools Oct. 27 at Northwestern Elementary School.

Each October, during Fire Prevention Month, the FireStoppers visit schools and preschools demonstrating methods of fire safety and teaching children the importance of fire prevention, while performing a slapstick comedy routine.

The clowns’ messages are aligned with National Fire Protection Association themes that include basic knowledge about fire prevention and safety, such as calling 911 in an emergency; how to stop, drop and roll; how to tell if a fire is blazing on the other side of a door; how to exit the home during a fire; and replacing batteries in smoke detectors.

Four firefighters volunteer taking turns as the FireStoppers — Capt. Ronald Hives as Pyro, firefighter Danny Reifer as Flash, Capt. Tommy Sims as Axe and firefighter Anthony Capone as Blaze. Although he wasn’t dressed as a clown this year, firefighter Stephen Jones participated in the tour and will dress up next October.

Meghan Whittington, of the Zachary Utilities Office, joined the FireStoppers on their school tour and handed out informational postcards about detecting natural gas in the home.

By adding a harmless chemical to the gas, which gives it a distinctive smelly odor, natural gas becomes easy to detect, she said.