Cardiovascular lab performs milestone procedure _lowres

Photo provided by Julie McLin -- Lane Cardiovascular Center performed its 10,000th heart cath lab procedure on Sept. 6 after opening in Zachary in August 2007. A second lab opened this year. Staff at the Cardiovascular Center include front row, from left, Rachel Orillion, Dr. Mrugesh Soni, recent patient Virginia Bozeman, Tayler Kimble, Katelyn Pardue and Bennett Templet; and back row, Tanya Phillips, Karen Williams, cath lab manager Eric Rome, Dr. Charles Thompson, Micah Potts, Laura Peel, Steven Saale and James Pierce.

Lane Cardiovascular Center performed a milestone Sept. 6 — its 10,000th heart catheterization lab procedure.

After previously experiencing “fainting spells,” Zachary resident Virginia Bozeman was brought to the emergency room and diagnosed with bradycardia, a condition that causes the heart to beat too slowly, hospital staff said.

As a result, a pacemaker was recommended.

A small device implanted under the skin and often below the collarbone, a pacemaker continuously monitors the heart. If it detects a slow heart rate, the pacemaker sends out small undetectable electrical signals to correct it.

Dr. Mrugesh Soni and Dr. Charles Thompson, interventional cardiologists with Cardiovascular Institute of the South, performed the procedure on Bozeman, which was the lab’s 10,000th since opening in 2007.

“I feel so much better,” Bozeman said. “I didn’t even realize I felt so bad before, but now I have more energy and am able to do the things I enjoy doing again. I’m very thankful for the staff at the Cardiovascular Center and CIS.”

The first heart cath lab at Lane opened as a temporary building outside the emergency room but moved into its new home at Lane Cardiovascular Center in 2008.

Due to the increased volume of heart catheter and pacemaker procedures over the years, a second cath lab was completed in September.