Identity of couple in old photo sought _lowres

Image provided by Roma Prejean -- Do you know this man, woman or both? Zachary resident Roma Prejean believes this old portrait painting is of a couple from the Zachary area and that their family will step forward and claim the image.

Zachary resident Roma Prejean wishes the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” would be the case with a mystery photograph she has in her possession.

Known to many in the community as the “food pantry lady” and always helping others in need, Prejean now needs the community’s help.

About a month ago, Prejean, who loves to frame things, was given a sleeve of old prints, one of which she believes is a portrait painting of an old photograph.

Mounted on plywood and measuring 16 inches by 20 inches, the image, Prejean feels, is a couple from the Zachary area.

“It’s very old, and there is something about the woman in the painting. It’s like she’s speaking out to me, asking me to return her to her rightful family, her rightful place,” Prejean said. “I have to find out who she belongs to or who their family is.”

The portrait came from a frame shop that about 20 years was located in what is now the strip mall next to LeBlanc’s Food Stores.

Prejean has posted the image on social media and said she checks her messages several times a day to see if anyone has reached out to claim the couple.

“I’m hoping someone will recognize them, her or him and will reach out to me,” she said.

The owner of the frame shop said the image was found in her mother Kat White’s attic, but no one in the family knows who the couple is.

If you know the couple, post a message or send a private one to Roma Prejean through her Facebook page or call her at (225) 937-9916.