Zachary High basketball coach Jonathan McClinton, with the help from assistant coach Brock Poydras and volunteers from the Broncos’ basketball team, led a group of 40 boys ages 5 to 14 in a weeklong basketball camp that ended Friday.

The campers learned about teamwork and picked up shooting, dribbling and passing skills.

On Friday, a tournament was held with the younger boys competing on four-on-four teams and the older boys competing on five-on-five teams. The winning teams from each age division were awarded trophies.

The championship four-on-four team included Collin Ashford, Connor Campbell, Lee Reed and Laborn Wells, while the championship five-on-five team featured Caleb Ackman, Caleb Barfield, Sawyer Seguin, Ryan Ward and Chris White.

Also awarded were the campers who made the most free throws, lay-ups and hotshots during the week. A hotshot, as explained by McClinton, is when a player rotates through five positions in the floor while trying to make baskets.

“Each spot is given a point value, and we allow each player one minute to see how many points he can accumulate shooting from each position,” McClinton said.

Trophies were awarded to hotshot champions Ackman and Bennett Mathews; free throw champions Evan LeDoux and Chatwin Tate; and lay-up champions Asher Carter and Skyler LeDoux.

Two overall Camper of the Week trophies were given to the participant from the younger age division and participant from the older age division for working the hardest during the camp. Those winners are Evan LeDoux and Ackman.

All participants of McClinton’s youth basketball camp received a certificate of completion.