Rollins Place Elementary School in Zachary, which recently earned the distinction of a Louisiana A+ School, continues its integration of the arts into school curricula.

In recent weeks, student activities and lessons have infused music and dance into basic math and science lessons.

Second-graders in Lee Goebel’s homeroom learned that music can be used to teach math concepts in an exciting way.

“They composed music containing repeated notes like Beethoven used when composing his ‘5th Symphony,’ ” Goebel said.

She explained that each pitch represented a different number, and after composing their melodies, the students wrote repeated addition and multiplication sentences.

In Stacey Hodges’ science class, the second-graders used yoga poses to represent different rainforest organisms.

Their science lesson also incorporated dance terminologies and movements, such as balance, stretch, focal point and plié.

Hodges said the activity got the children’s brains, as well as their bodies, moving.

The Louisiana A+ Schools program is a research-based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner through an arts-integrated school network, a news release said.