Through a partnership between the Main Street Baker Pilot Club, Pilot International and BREC, a playground, of sorts, for seniors in East Baton Rouge Parish has been installed at BREC’s Greenwood Community Park in Baker.

The Xccent Motion Wellness System — the first of its kind in Louisiana — is considered a breakthrough product in the senior fitness and rehabilitation industry, according to BREC officials.

The station is intended for seniors to practice certain physical skills needed in their daily lives, but that can diminish over time with age — lifting, walking on awkward or uneven surfaces, turning dials and knobs.

With the Snake Bar, users must move a ring up and down without touching the bar. The activity helps with hanging clothes, getting dressed and combing hair.

The Wavy Balance Beam improves walking safely on awkward surfaces such as natural and unpaved paths, while using the Cobweb Floor can help with safely avoiding and crossing obstacles.

The system, designed by PDPlay of California, was developed to reduce fall-related injuries by improving stability, balance, coordination and improving social interaction and offers a range of benefits from stretching muscles, improving hand-eye coordination and cardio respiratory and blood circulation.

The new park feature meshes with the many adult leisure activities and programs offered by BREC, whose recreation department will provide classes to teach seniors how to use the equipment and design new adult activities and programs for caregivers, BREC Special Events Manager Monica Dugas said.

Following a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 7, BREC featured activities for seniors, including a conservation trail walk, fishing, refreshments, giveaways and more.

Attending the ribbon cutting ceremony from BREC were Superintendent Carolyn McKnight, Assistant Superintendent Ted Jack, Assistant Director of Planning and Engineering Reed Richard and Foundation Director Carl Stages.

Baker Mayor Harold Rideau, Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks, Baker City Councilman Pete Heine, the Rev. Betty Claiborne and members of the Baker Pilot Club also attended the event.

Funding for the motion wellness system was provided through donations and grants from the Baker Main Street Pilot Club and Pilot International. The installation of the equipment, concrete walkways and rubber safety surfacing was funded and installed by BREC.

Call Dugas for information about the wellness station at (225) 272-9200, extension 446, or email