Santa’s “Zachary Nice and Naughty list” warranted something extra special for a group of big boys who are heroes and model neighbors — the Zachary Fire Department.

The Jolly Old Elf delivered the gift during the Dec. 9 Christmas parade when he came down Main Street in the department’s new military-grade high water rescue unit.

Chief of Operations and Deputy Chief Glenn Triche said the 2.5-ton M-1078 LMTV Tactical Vehicle was a gift from Zachary’s volunteer fire department. The 1997 model truck, purchased through a military surplus program, will be an aid in water rescues similar to what was needed during the 2016 floods. Immediately after the parade, the vehicle headed to a shop for a paint job that will be more closer to the red exterior of the other fire department vehicles.

The Zachary firefighters, often seen giving back to the community and volunteering in local classrooms, left the parade and traveled down the route to begin setting up a giant American flag for the send-off of the Zachary High football team and band for what became their championship trip to New Orleans.