Dale Carnegie trainer addresses Baker chamber _lowres

Photo provided by Patt Roberson -- LaTania Anderson, Baker Chamber director; Darnell Waites, chief administrative officer for the City of Baker; and senior performance development specialist Linda Achee Callender, of Dale Carnegie Training, from left, at a Chamber of Commerce 'Lunch and Learn' meeting in September. Callender was the guest speaker for the luncheon.

Linda Achee Callender, senior performance development specialist for Dale Carnegie Training, was the guest speaker at the Baker Chamber of Commerce “Lunch and Learn” meeting in September.

How to connect with people and ways to strengthen relationships were on the agenda with exercises in memory held.

“People like to talk about themselves,” Callender said. “Asking a simple question like, ‘Tell me about your job or your family or your vacation’ can get a new acquaintance talking and seeing you as a good listener.”

Callender encouraged attendees to smile and be appreciative; don’t criticize, complain or condemn.

The Small Business Employee Training Fund was established to help pay all or most of the training expense for a small business.

Dale Carnegie has more than 100 years of experience as a global training provider.

For information, call Callender at (225) 247-2418 or email linda_callender@dalecarnegie.com.