Zachary Fire Chief Danny Kimble introduced four new career firefighters to the Zachary City Council on Jan. 12.

Following the introduction of Ron Anders, Chase Lord, Darius Patt and Camron Thompson, all of Zachary, the firefighters were honored at a celebration, where they received their new helmets and officially were welcomed to the force.

Anders, 23, said firefighting is in his blood.

He is the son of retired Deputy Fire Chief Thomas “Pokey” and Nicole Anders and brother of Clint Anders, a truck operator and firefighter with the Zachary FD.

“We both always wanted to follow in our dad’s footsteps, so now my brother and I are living out our childhood dreams,” Anders said.

Prior to becoming a firefighter, Anders played baseball at Louisiana College in Pineville, where he received a bachelor of arts degree in education.

Lord, 19, was a volunteer firefighter in Slaughter for about a year, before making the decision to become a career fireman.

“There is no better feeling than knowing you have made a difference to someone during their time of need,” Lord said. “That’s why I got into firefighting, to give back to my community and to help people.”

Lord is father to 2-year-old Kinleigh Ann Lord.

Patt, 21, was never a volunteer firefighter but worked previously in law enforcement as a corrections officer and sheriff’s deputy.

“When I was younger, the fire department would visit school, so I’ve been interested in firefighting as a career since then,” Patt said.

He is married to Rhonda J. Spears Patt.

Thompson, 28, began volunteering at the Slaughter Volunteer Fire Department in 2007 and at the Zachary Fire Department in 2012.

Thompson said his father first introduced him to firefighting as a volunteer himself with the Slaughter VFD.

Prior to training to become a career firefighter, Thompson worked at NTB Associates, a surveying and engineering firm.